Hands in Prayer


Words that you say to God giving thanks or asking for help.
The act or habit of praying.
A religious meeting that takes place regularly in which people say prayers.
A thing that you hope for very much

Associated words and phrases:  prayer book, prayer rug, prayer wheel, prayer meeting, The Lord’s Prayer, the Book of Common Prayer, prayer rugs, prayer mat, prayer flags

Learn different ways to engage yourself in prayer 

Light a Candle

Lighting candles is a sacred ritual. You can light a candle for many reasons not just for prayer. If you would like to light a candle, click on the images above and left and follow the instructions. When you are asked for your name put ECC-UK first.


Download the
Pray as You Go app

Listen to a daily prayer meditation with music wherever you are

Praying with Ignatius

Ignatian prayer is imaginative, reflective, and personal.

3 minute retreat

3 minute Retreat

A daily 3 minute short prayer break at your computer that can give you peace.

Taize Prayer

Taize Prayer

Taize is a gentle form of prayer which incorporates silence, repetitive songs (Taize chants), scripture and meditation


Pray using your hand

Hand Prayers are a way of remembering what to say in private prayer.
Can easily be adapted for children.


Praying the Rosary

The Rosary prayer is a tactile form of meditation on the life of Jesus, which are called Rosary Mysteries.